Torches To Triggers

Modern Day Monsters


Released May 1, 2014

The second full length album from Calgary Canada's punk group Torches To Triggers.
Modern Day Monsters will take the listener from TTTs roots of punk and melodic hardcore across to an edgy rock n roll blend which is truly enjoyable from start to finish.

Recorded: Echo Base Studio, Casey Lewis
Mixed and Mastered: Studio73, Riccardo Pasini (Paso)
Produced By: Corey Tapp, Phil Schumacher, Casey Lewis

Corey Tapp: Bass AND Vocals
Chris Kreuger: Lead Vocals
Justin Stilwell: Guitar
Kyle Wilson: Guitar AND Vocals
Phil Schumacher: Drums AND Vocals


  1. Home Sweet Home
  2. The Perfect Hero
  3. Air Up There
  4. Dracula's Handy
  5. Black Eyes
  6. Under The Gun
  7. Clay Minds
  8. Necro Love
  9. Silent Summer
  10. Expect Revolution
  11. Small Town
  12. Pillars