Authority Zero

Broadcasting To The Nations

Global Release


Released June 2, 2017

Authority Zero Join Bird Attack Records with their New Album 'Broadcasting To The Nations' Out June 2nd 2017.
The album was recorded at the Blasting Room with new members Chris Dalley and Dan Aid, along with long time members Jason Devore and Mike Spero. This diverse and experienced combination of writing styles has produced their best material to date. It's melodic hardcore at it’s best. Authority Zero bring it. Always.”


  1. First One In The Pit
  2. Reconciliation
  3. Destiny And Demise
  4. Broadcasting To The Nations
  5. Summer Sickness
  6. Bayside
  7. Revolution Rio
  8. Sevens
  9. La Diabla
  10. Creepers
  11. When We Rule The World
  12. One Way Track Kid
  13. No Guts No Glory