New Car Smell

Licensed to Rude Records


Released November 25, 2016

Formed in Huntington Beach, California in 1998, Guttermouth was heavily influenced by the Southern California punk rock scenes of the 1980's which spawned bands such as the Adolescents, The Vandals, Social Distortion, Fear, Descendents, Angry Samoans, Bad Religion and Black Flag.

The band took these influences and developed their own style of fast, punk tempos with humorously sarcastic and offensive lyrics coupled with equally outrageous and offensive behavior, developing a reputation for chaotic live shows.


  1. Spud Like Torso
  2. Soundtrack To The End Of The World
  3. New Car Smell
  4. Perma Walkabout
  5. Mail Order Bride
  6. The Human Mulligan