Such Gold

Pedestals (Remixed/Remastered)

Global Release


Released September 9, 2016

The band was originally taken in by both the pop punk and hardcore scene when their first release came out in 2009. Over time, the band developed into a technical melodic hardcore sound that was embraced by fans of both the heavier and poppier sides of music, while always being punk without any frills.

In the years since the release of 2014's The New Sidewalk, the band has seen a strong pivot towards punk rock, most recently coming off a co-headlining tour with PEARS, as well as playing Groezrock, headlining European tours, supporting Anti­-Flag, and more.

With two full-lengths, four split 7”s and two EPs under their belt, Such Gold continue to engage audiences with forward thinking punk rock.

Such Gold is Ben Kotin (guitar/vocals), Nate Derby (guitar), Jon Markson (bass/vocals) and Matt Covey (drums).


  1. Cut Rides
  2. Sycamore
  3. The Brass Tax
  4. So Close
  5. Gut Rot
  6. Pedestals
  7. Minstrels
  8. The World That You Live In
  9. Scoreboard
  10. Backyard