Canada / USA / Mexico / Central America (s) Release!


Released July 29, 2016

You like beer? So do we and so does Anitllectual, so it just made since to color this Limited Edition Vinyl in with Transparent Beer... Extra Tasty, just like the tunes on this brand new album from the 3 Dutch punks. Digital will release on July 29th, and Vinyl will ship out around that time!

The new album isn't just “another new album”. To raise the bar a completely new approach to creating and perfecting the record is used. As the result of months of songwriting, making demos, scratching parts out and adding new parts on repeat there are 19 demos and 12 Songs made the album.

Not only is Antillectual consisting of the best line-up to date, for the (pre)production of the new album the band created an all-star team. To perfect the process they are teaming up with Martin Beusker from Mailmen Studio (Only Seven Left, Dotan) and Robin van Loenen (Destine, PollyAnna, The 101's) for the pre-production of this album. Jochem Jacobs at Split Second Sound (Textures, Face Tomorrow, Ali B, Guus Meeuwis) will be recording, mixing and mastering the whole. This dream team covers the loud music area from left to right, from poppy to obscure.

Songs are more fine-tuned than before; even more thought and effort is being put in. All to make sure we don’t just make NEW songs, but BETTER songs than ever before. Not faster, BETTER. Not louder, BETTER. Not more poppy, BETTER. Hell yeah, we’re excited about this one!


  1. Priest Without a Religion
  2. Europe, This Is Your Final Countdown
  3. I Wrote This Song
  4. Racist Rash
  5. Change the Standard
  6. From Hipster Kids to Hardliners
  7. The Players & The Game
  8. Follow That Bike!
  9. Appetite for Construction
  10. One Size Fits All
  11. Obesessive Cosmetic Disorder
  12. All In The Mix