Global Release


Released April 19, 2016

Regardless, WRATHS have arrived. Their sound harkens back to a simpler time, one with street riots and actor cowboys acting as presidents. WRATHS aren’t a movement. WRATHS aren’t here to educate or entertain. They are a symptom and cause of our toxic waste, a leaky scab. Enjoy it like you would a diet Coke mixed with rum from a plastic generic-brand jug, stolen under your coat from Safeway. You’ll thank yourself later that you didn’t go for the pricier stuff. WRATHS are a cheap, dirty buzz. Enjoy!


  1. Oh God
  2. What Can You Do?
  3. Back Of The Line
  4. War Drums
  5. I'm A Target
  6. Bleed It
  7. Are You Serious?
  8. Curtain Call
  9. I Won't Be Here
  10. Fix Me 01:13
  11. It's Not Over
  12. In Control