Tales From The Last Generation


Released July 12, 2013

Fast ripping punk rock meets a tasteful amount of pure shredding metal. This is what we love and you will too. The album opens up with amazing riffs from all instruments. Once you listen to this album you’ll be an Adrenalized fan for life!

This album was recorded at: iratxe studios by adrenalized / Mixed and mastered by lolo at corsarios studios. contact: / All songs written by: adrenalized / Guest vocals in "crawling in the ashes" by: Etienne dionne (mute) / Artwork by: adam albrecht's paintings modified by ander xabier


  1. The Prophets And The Wise
  2. Eyeless Men
  3. The Empire Of The Greedy
  4. Last Man Standing
  5. Tarkin Doctrine
  6. No Red Helmets
  7. The Die Is Cast
  8. Dead Inside
  9. The Taste Of The End
  10. When The Screaming Began
  11. Crawling In The Ashes
  12. Tales From The Last Generation