The Revenge of the Fifth



Released May 5, 2016

“The Revenge Of The Fifth” picks up where their last release “Fast Forward Eats The Tape” left off. Twelve tracks of melodic punk - fast and furious. Though fans of the band will feel a sense of nostalgia for the speed and riffage, they’ll also notice a progression in the song writing. Perhaps even a “juxtaposition” of maturity from 4 immature punkers. The balancing act between raising families and holding steady jobs, and touring the world for 20 years can be heard in many of the lyrics. “Generation Debt” is an apology letter to our children for the world we’ve left to them, while “Carpe per diem” is a summary of basement show tours that spanned the band’s first six years. An expression of hope is found in “Revenge of the fifth” which hinges on the idea that we’re all ultimately responsible for taking care of the human race and the planet; and to stop looking to a higher power for forgiveness or answers.


  1. Shipwreck
  2. Hairline
  3. Years
  4. Transmissions
  5. Delicastressin
  6. Revenge of the Fifth
  7. Red Pawn's Race
  8. Achilles
  9. The Architect
  10. As Above, So Below
  11. Carpe Per Diem
  12. Generation Debt