First Step To Recovery

USA Vinyl and Digital Bird Attack Release


Released February 10, 2016

The 2013 self-release by San Diego band Castoff entitled The Dividing Line proved to be a real highlight of the year, exposing the world to a new band with a lot of promise. A year later they released Acquisitions, stepping up their game to a new level. In 2015, they released one of my favorites albums of the year with Lines and Passages, an EP I found myself listening to again and again. Now in 2016, they have released possibly their best work to date, First Step to Recovery.


  1. Perception and Honesty
  2. Revocation
  3. Selective Memory
  4. First Step to Recovery
  5. Second Chance Realities
  6. Captitalize
  7. Haterz Gonna Mate
  8. Forget Real Life
  9. Promote Irrational Thought
  10. Certain as the Sun