Dying To Exonerate The World

USA Vinyl Release of their sophomore album - Pre-Order NOW!


Released December 4, 2015

Pre-orders have launched for Bird Attack Records' vinyl release of 'Dying To Exonerate The World', the 2011 sophomore LP from Chicago skate punks, Counterpunch.

All pre-orders will receive a code for 15% percent off an entire order in the Counterpunch store. All vinyl orders include a download card for the whole album + 4 bonus cover and acoustic songs.


  1. Heroes and Ghosts
  2. High Tide For Internal Strife
  3. The Great Regression
  4. And Everybody’s Right (Asshole)
  5. Constraints And Anchors
  6. When The Curtains Close
  7. We Believe
  8. March of the Paper Tiger
  9. Strings Of Destiny
  10. A Raven’s Curse
  11. So Long
  12. The Beatles- I've Just Seen a Face (cover)
  13. Ella Fitzgerald- Blue Skies (cover)
  14. Counterpunch- Blue State Blues (acoustic)
  15. Much The Same- Living a Lie (acoustic)