Released March 13, 2014

This album absolutely shreds from front to back! Remi destroys the drums with what sounds like a quadruple pedal machine gun. The dynamic tapping laid down my Michel and Bastien is mind boggling. Crazy how they managed to get so technical with the tapping and still flow. Amazing bass lines from Arno; this album is a must have for any skate punk fanatic.

Produced by FORUS and Christian Carvin
Recorded from July to August 2013 at All Production Studio, France
Engineered, mixed by Christian Carvin at All Production Studio
Mastered by JP Chalbos at La Source Mastering, France


  1. War's Not Over I've Just Found The Flag
  2. Air
  3. Radio Lives!
  4. Movement
  5. If All Else Fails (Breathe In)
  6. If All Else Fails (Breathe Out)
  7. Beardy Crook
  8. Space Time & Monkeys
  9. Crisis Management Of The Special Kind
  10. No Mercy