Edward In Venice

Edward In Venice



Released May 16, 2015

This EP is no joke! Amazing punk with a little bit of pop (just a little) and 3 part harmonies on a whole new level!

‘Howler’, featuring seven new tracks, follows the band’s previous releases ‘Muori’ in 2012, and last year’s ‘A Heart That Doesn’t Bleed’. Edward In Venice still have their fingers firmly on the Italian punk pulse.

Recorded at StudioWaves (Pesaro), mixed at Fusix Studio (Turin).
all lyrics written by Jiang Lee and Filippo Greganti.
all music composed by Edward In Venice.


  1. Under
  2. This Skin
  3. Turbobright
  4. Smokin Vehicles
  5. Howler
  6. Home is Where The Heart Lives
  7. Epilogue