The Decline


USA Bird Attack Release


Released June 12, 2015

The formidable Perth punk rockers The Decline are back! Rejuvenated and revitalized with the release of their third LP "Resister". The beginning of the year saw the replacement of band members that has spawned a renewed and equally reminiscent Decline sound. The Decline knuckled down and headed straight in to record at Electric City Studios with Adam Round and Sam Allen who worked on their two previous releases. The result is an album that pays homage to their 90s skatepunk forefathers whilst showcasing a new mature sound that promises a long future for The Decline.


  1. New Again
  2. Giving Up Is a Gateway Drug
  3. I Don't Believe
  4. Almost Never Met You
  5. The Blurst of Times
  6. You Call This A Holiday?
  7. Camberwell Street
  8. Broken Bones
  9. Wrecking Ball
  10. You're Not The Waitress
  11. Little Voices
  12. Underworld Tour
  13. Start Again