Tricks Of The Trade

USA Bird Attack Release


Released September 23, 2014

Belgium punk rock with some speed, some melodies and a whole lot of ass kicking. They take you on a ride through speedy ripping riffs and let you catch a breather with straight forward punk beats with highly advanced vocal melodies that will slap new life into your day!


  1. Random Thoughts On A Saturday
  2. My Daily Valentine
  3. Welcome To The Show
  4. No Even For One Day
  5. Sing Along
  6. Dear Grace
  7. History Will Prove Us Wrong
  8. Tricks Of The Trade
  9. Homeward Bound
  10. Little Princess (For Lente)
  11. Nevermore
  12. Cease To Exist
  13. How Can You Leave Me If You Never Let Me
  14. Mine to Me
  15. She
  16. Something More
  17. Soundtrack Of My Life