Sea Of Trees / From Trust To Conformity 12" Vinyl

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Released September 8, 2014

Pre-order of Sea Of Trees.

These guys kill IT and so does this release. You are going to be stoked on a facemelting bundle of shred. A land where punk meets metal and the shit hits the fan with amazing melodies and riffs that bring a smile to any skate punk fans face. You will be blown away with this album.

Beard Oil Ingredients: Jojoba, almond oils and thyme, lavender, lemon & rosemary essential oils.


  1. Prologue (A Voice Unheard)
  2. Canthus Viewpoints
  3. Atlas To Atlantis
  4. Hanging Off A Memory
  5. Timepieces & Lock Shaped Hearts
  6. Seaward
  7. Never Coming Home (Bonus)