About Bird Attack

Established in 2012 and broadcasting out of Jacksonville Beach, Florida, Bird Attack Punk Rock Radio was founded by Garrett Wadford based on an absolute unwavering love for punk rock - Fast, Loud, Shredding, Melodic, Skate punk to be exact. "I consider the genre I love to be more of an underground group of bands that deserve to get more exposure. Now don’t get me wrong, I love Pennywise, Lagwagon, Strung Out (and other similar bands) with a passion, but the new music that really gets me fired up as of late, has a hint of metal to it, which brings an extra level of AMP! to the table."

"I have always loved performing in some way shape or form, whether it has been on stage playing or behind the mic, focused on the voice only approach, so I decided to bring the music I was passionate about to the airwaves or internet-waves, as it has now morphed to a podcast."

We are bringing new school punk mixed with the best older punk from as far back as 15 years, mixing it up with roughly 20 songs, throwing in a prank call, adding a dash of comedy and slamming the door shut with an insane interview from some of the best names in punk rock! These interviews range from different members of bands from across the spectrum; Pennywise to Lagwagon, Belvedere to Forus, Dutch Nuggets to Counterpunch. We are really turning up the quality this year.

Finally, the podcast is professionally produced, so whether you are playing it in your headphones or cranking it at your house or in your car, you are going to love the quality!

Contact Info

Bird Attack Records
1213 10th Street North
Jacksonville Beach, Florida, USA 32250

Frequently Asked Questions

Order / Store Questions

"I ordered my record 5 days ago. Why isn't it here yet?"

We ship our records using USPS Media Mail. We do this because its the most economical way to send records. However, media mail can take up to 7-10 business days depending on your location. If you live in upstate New York please remember that we're based out of southern California. I do my absolute best to get records out in a quick and timely manner.

Demo Submissions

I spend lots of time at the post office and love receiving mail. Having said that, if you want to submit a demo and/or a press kit you are more than welcomed to do so. We'll always listen to things we get in the mail. It makes you stand out that much more and shows a larger effort.

Please send demos to:
Bird Attack Records
2730 Isabella Blvd, Suite 50
Jacksonville Beach, Florida 32250

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