Straight from the noxious refinery air of sunny, smoggy El Segundo,
CA, skate punk veteran Jim Lindberg of Pennywise and his band of
cohorts bring us their newest project WRATHS. Channeling the
ghosts of punk’s past, WRATHS combines the dark guitar driven
tones of T.S.O.L and Dag Nasty and the glaring sun bleached angst
of the Descendents and Circle Jerks. Their no bullshit sound puts
them right at home next to a faded SST sticker on a rusty strand

The band which includes Steve McCall (1208) on guitar, Chris Kranes (1208, The Darlings) on bass, and Andrew Murphy (The Darlings) on
drums set out to pay homage to the heroes of the 1st and 2nd wave,
not only in song craft but in recording. Tracked over just a few days
with minimal production at Screaming Leopard Studios in Hermosa
Beach you can here echoes of Black Flag and Big Drill Car coming
through the grooves but the band definitely has their own unique
sound and approach. It’s raw and real, something that is sorely
lacking in today’s over-produced sea of cookie cutter soundscapes.
The band and their producer Patrick Burkholder are firm believers in
the plug in and go ethos and the songwriting is stripped down and

Starting with the blast in the face opener of “Oh God,” lyrically the
group lets us know they’re desperate to get out of the foul air of L.A.
car exhaust and meth fumes. “OH GOD! I NEED… I NEED
SOMETHING TO HELP ME BREATHE!” It continues into the short
but definitely not sweet cry for help that is “What Can You Do?” which
clocks in at a very punk rock one minute and thirty-five seconds. This
isn’t “Hotel California,” this is a seedy motel near the airport where
the sheets stick to your leg and you’ll be taking bed bugs home with
you. “I’m A Target” is a gut punch. “War Drums” is a threat you
shouldn’t take lightly. Just like you shouldn’t take lightly that drunk in
the corner with a broken bottle in his hand giving you the evil eye. He
means business.

Consider the self-titled LP from WRATHS a testament to a bygone
era of punk music where freedom of expression was promoted and
not controlled by suits, and no one took two weeks to get guitar

Call it what you want: Primal scream therapy imprisoned on wax!
Aural rebellion in WAV form! Now for your convenience WRATHS’
new self-titled debut album can be spun on your turntable or
downloaded directly to the safe and sterile home record store you call
a computer. Free from incense, strangers and drummer wanted ads!
We’d love to tell you what we think WRATHS sounds like but what
good would that do? In the end it’s up to you, the listener, to decipher
and judge…and you will judge.
From Hermosa Beach, California
For fans of Black Flag, Nirvana