The Human Project

The Human Project

THE HUMAN PROJECT are a fast, loud, melodic punk rock band from Leeds, UK, and have been ripping up the UK punk scene since 2010. In a short time they have become known as a stand out act in the UK scene, and a tight, explosive, and impressive live band.

Their acclaimed debut album, Origins (2013) combines abrasive guitars, white-knuckle drums, and the band's hallmark vocal harmonies into a diverse, compelling, and essential punk rock soundclash, described as 'a tornado of politically charged tech punk, thrash and melodic hardcore' by The Ruckus.

With the album out, tours being booked and plans being set in motion, The Human Project are poised and ready to strike.

Jonny Smith - Guitar/Vocals
Luke Yates - Guitar/Vocals
Dan Powell - Drums/Vocals
Joe Dimuantes - Bass/Vocals
From Leeds, UK
For fans of Forus, Adrenalized, Dutch Nuggets