Forus News
Forus is crowdfunding their upcoming record using IndieGoGo.

2011 & 2012 have been great years for all of us here with Forus. We've played more shows than ever, traveled to places we've never been, met some amazing and wonderful people and continued to follow our dream of writing and performing great music «for us»… and you ;)

One thing that truly has kept us going, though, is your enduring and never-ending support. We've seen more and more people coming out to a show for the first time (or 10th time, maybe 20th..), belting out lyrics, offering us a place to stay, and even making food, sex and musical instruments for us! All of that serves as fuel; gets us up in the morning, inspires to keep driving on those long trips in the vans, trains, planes and ultimately reminds us of the large place in your life our music holds.

After performing 70 shows crossing over thousand miles in France, Spain, Holland, Belgium, Germany, Russia, we're spending the months of June and July of 2013 with Christian Carvin & J.P Chalbos at their famous studios in France, recording our new album. The next record will feature a mix of road-tested and new never-before-heard material and is slated for an October release date. But in order for anyone to hear it we need YOUR help!
For their new album, Lights, Forus have reached their crowdfunding goal of $12,000. Keep an eye out for their new record distributed by Bird Attack in the new year!
Forus to launch new video off their new Album
News from Forus:
First of all, it's time to say a HUGE thanx to all the people who write us by mails, Facebook, Youtube ,... about our trailer!!! It's ALWAYS a fucking pleasure to see that lot of people are supporting FORUS as hell after 3 years of silence!! We never received so much supports than these last days!!!!

One thing to say: be there Wednesday --> New music video with the song available on the net with exclusive artwork;) BOOOOM!
We are going to relaunch episodes for the Skatepunkers Skate Punk Album of the year. We are going to launch our favorite episodes/bands every day till the end of voting. We start with the FORUS episode. Cast your vote now --- >